Saturday, September 12, 2009

4 Days After Transplant....

So not much new today. Except that I have a bit more nausea then the past couple days. I think its just because my eye hurts so bad and I haven't taken any Tylenol 3's today. I'm going to try not to though and see how it feels. So I thought that maybe I would tell you what kind of eye drops I'm using (mostly for people reading this who are going to be having a transplant and are curious what to expect). This week I have 4 different kinds of eye drops and i put them in 4 times a day. The first one is an eye drop for pressure (i think!). It wasn't on my original list of eye drops to use but Dr.A gave it to me after the surgery because I was complaining of pain and he thought I might have pressure building behind my eye.

So these eye drops are called Vigamox. I only need to take these for the first week. Thank goodness because they sort of burn a little bit. These are to reduce inflammation and redness in my eye.

These eye drops are called Ketorolac (Acular). These are the devil to me. They burn SOOO incredibly bad. I'm absolutely convinced that these are the reason my eye hurts so bad. Evil evil evil. And unfortunately, I have to take these eye drops for a while. They are also used to reduce inflammation and redness.

Last but not least, this is Prednisolone (Pred Forte). It is the anti-rejection eye drop. Me and prednisolone are going to become very good friends as I will be taking this one for at least a year. The good thing about these are that they don't burn! Yay!


  1. Hi Jana

    Just read your blog - great that the surgery went well. Really weird isn't it when your in surgergy and you can see them doing stuff but feel nothing. Your eye looks great, mine was all bloodshot and gooey but yours looks fine. Lets hope your recover goes better than mine. The audiobooks pass loadsa time when your eyes are sensitive, be careful not to fall asleep though or you'll be forever rewinding! lol. Hard not to fall asleep though when someone reading to you. I've noticed you have a link to my site, thanks. I've put yours on mine too.

    All the best and keep posting.

  2. owwww! ugh, that really sucks jan! i was in so much pain when i scratched my cornea a few weeks ago so i can't even begin to imagine what you're going through!! but it'll be so worth it in the end :)