Friday, September 11, 2009

3 Days after Transplant.... seems that the more days go by the more sensitive to light my eye seems to get. So these are the wicked shades I get to wear. Pretty stylin hey? lol. I got them from the nurse after my surgery. They do really help though! I find that even just wearing them to watch tv makes it hurt so much less. Everything with my eye looks good though. Still no redness or gooey stuff! I am sooo lucky! I still don't really have much vision whatsoever though. Like none at all. I just checked. lol. But with time. I just have to be patient. Seriously though, these eye drops I have to put in are KILLING me. They are so painful! They just burn my eye so bad. My mom says that means they are working. But I think next week when I don't have to put them in 4 times a day (only 2 times) my eye will feel a lot better. I think they really dry my eye out bad. Anyways, all in all I can't complain too much. Things are pretty darn good with it. I am still taking one tylenol 3 twice a day though. I tried not to but I just can't quite do it yet. On a happier note, i'm having my first visitors over to see me today! I hope they are as surprised at how I look as I am!

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