Wednesday, September 16, 2009

1st Post-Op Appointment

Well, today was my first post-op appointment with Dr.A. He said everything looks GREAT. He said he really like how everything is healing. Then he said he wanted to take off the contact bandage lens, which I wasn't too keen on. But he said if it was too irritating he would put it back on. So I said ok lets do it. So with NO freezing eye drops or anything he took tweezers and told me to hold really still and he pulled the contact out of my eye with the tweezers! Soooo weird! But surprisingly it wasn't as bad as I had expected. However, now that I'm home it is VERY irritating. The stitches are rubbing my eyelid now and it sometimes does hurt a lot, but mostly it feels like I have a piece of glass in my eye rubbing on my eyelid. Ouch!!! Hopefully i'll get used to it soon- I don't really have a choice! These stitches will be in for at LEAST 6 months maybe longer. My eye feels very vulnerable now though, now that the bandage is gone. Just feels very open and its kind of scary! Oh! And I almost forgot, I put the eye drops in and if I thought they hurt before when I had the bandage on. O.M.G it is HORRIBLE now. They burn burn burn!!! But thats really the only pain I have now. Everything is soooo good in general and I couldn't be happier! Oh and it looks great too! There will be a new picture to come soon!

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  1. Jana I know you have been waiting a long time for this. I'm so happy you got your transplant. And you are sooo strong during the healing process! xoxo -Bri